Payment Integrity Round Table Interview: Vision 2024

CERIS Leadership Team

January 09, 2024


CERIS Executives Weigh In

In this round table discussion, we explore the perspectives of five top executives from CERIS regarding the future of payment integrity.

About the Participants

Each of these individuals are bringing their unique insights into what 2024 holds for the critical aspect of payment integrity in the overall changing healthcare landscape.

Greg Dorn, President, has been with the organization since 1996, working in various roles until most recently being named President of CERIS in 2022; he previously served as CERIS’ Executive Vice President. Greg oversees the day-to-day operations and long-term strategy of CERIS, including nurturing CERIS’ long-standing partnerships with large national payers, managed care organizations, state agencies, and third-party administrators. Looking forward, he has plans to hire more expertise, invest in systems, and expand CERIS’ product offering, all to continue to be the premier partner in the Payment Integrity market.

Mark Johnson, SVP, Product Management, has nearly 30 years of industry experience including the development of the payment integrity system for a large national payer, subrogation, third-party liability, healthcare policy, managing offshore payment operations, oversight of claims services, and a background in clinical care. Mark joined CERIS in 2019 as Vice President of Product Management. Mark oversees product management and implementations and provides guidance and direction to strategic partnerships, contracting, pricing, sales support, marketing, and accounting.

James Contos, SVP, Operations, has been with the organization since 2014. James was promoted to SVP of Operations in 2022 after serving as Vice President of Operations. Prior to joining CERIS, James led operations for two large health systems for 9 years. James ensures the strategic direction of operations aligns with continued CERIS growth and exceeds the needs of clients. His vision and direction shapes new document technology, streamlines turnaround times, develops specialty audit types, and improves recovery efforts.

Steve Sutherland SVP, Information Systems, has been with the organization since 1996. Steve has nearly 30 years of industry experience. As the SVP of Information Systems, he coaches and collaborates with his team and others to build and improve technology to support business processes and operations. His focus is on ensuring CERIS is using the latest technology advancements to bring a positive impact to all stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem and creating a fair and equitable system.

Jhana Spence, VP, Strategy, has been with the organization since 2006, holding various roles within the organization from provider relations to account management and now overseeing strategy. With over 13 years of success and experience in client relationship management, partner revenue growth, and client advocacy, she has the unique ability to identify/implement solutions and resolve/mitigate client escalations in high-touch customer service environments.
Jhana’s has a well-deserved reputation as a customer advocate with a servant leadership style, a trusted advisor, and a champion of client success.

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